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We got this name because we weren’t first.

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To Bill’s Origin -From Cerulean (Welcome To The World Of Pokemon) - Junichi Masuda

Right then. Time to start this thing.

I think I speak for a lot of people my age (people born after 1989), when I say that Pokemon was my first game that I loved completely. MY game. Not my older brother’s. I mean yeah, a lot of people had Super Mario or Sonic as their first game, and yeah that was mine, too, but this was a game that was mine, on my gameboy (technically ~*my first game*~ was actually Kirby’s Dream Land, but this is different. This is a game that would stick with me as I grew up).

So on that cloudy/foggy September day in 1998, I got ~*my first game*~, and my first pokemon. Up until that point I hadn’t really played RPGs (Pokemon’s more RPG-lite), so I guess pokemon was my first RPG, too. I picked a Squirtle, because at the time Misty was my favorite character and because of that, so were water types. 

I think this theme sticks with me more so than Pallet’s does. I mean, all of the songs of Red/Blue will stick with me and convey images of home, adventure, and adrenaline filled battles, but this song is what starts you off. Before you take those first steps onto  Route 1 (and are subsequently stopped by Professor Oak, if you’re without a pokemon), before you even leave your house, this is the song of your adventure.

A world awaits with pokemon and dreams, etc etc, let’s go- OH MY GOD WHY ARE THEY SHRINKING ME WHAT HAPPENED


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